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Dance Healing invites the unseen to be seen, felt and processed through meditative movement practices and artful reflection. By allowing our bodies to be where they are asking to be, we transform. Embodiment is a gateway to empowerment. Through this process of meeting parts of ourselves that are asking to express, we re-align our body-heart-mind and awaken our bodies inherent capacity to heal.

This practice will support you to:

  • enhance body awareness and connectivity

  • develop new healthy patterns for your body, heart, mind

  • harvest resources from within to inspire your personal and artistic life

  • cultivate self compassion and acceptance

No previous dance experience is required. Folx of all physical abilities and backgrounds are warmly welcomed.

Current Offerings:

  • Private + semi-private Dance Healing sessions. Rates $60-120 sliding scale per hour. Contact Hayley to schedule.

  • Community workshops (below)



Dates THURSDAYS July 11, 18, 25

Time 7:45-9:15pm

Location Soma Yoga: 1423 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117. wheelchair accessible.

investment $15-20 sliding scale*

*PAY WHAT YOU CAN for folks who identify as QTPOC or disabled. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


The root of the word courage is cor - the Latin word for heart. The heart is our emotional center and includes about 40,000 neurons that sense, feel, learn and remember. Many of us have developed a protective layer around our heart space, restricting our capacity to breathe and feel. We may be unaware that we hold tension because this way of being has become familiar and feels safe. However, physical limitations often impede our emotional and mental capacity to open, give and receive — vital elements to our wellbeing. These workshops invite you to courageously explore your body-heart-mind connection through guided breath meditation, authentic movement, voice and artful reflective practices. When we allow our body to move and be seen at its own pace, we transform stuck energy and empower ourselves to live in deeper connection with our hearts.

Movers are encouraged to honor their needs and personal boundaries at all times. Workshops practice consent for touch at all times. Folx of all physical abilities and backgrounds are welcome.


EMBODY NATURE (Registration Required)

DATE Sunday, july 21

TIME 10am - 1pm

LOCATION a lovely, private backyard in Pinehurst neighborhood, seattle. address provided with registration*

INVESTMENT $30-60 sliding scale**

*Bathrooms are NOT ADA accessible, unfortunately. I apologize for this barrier to accessibility.

**PAY WHAT YOU CAN for folx who identify as QTPOC or disabled. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Ground and restore your system by attuning to the environment within and around you. Nature reflects the importance of balance and regeneration with power and grace. The ancient ones, in tune with their environment, moved to release energy and restore balance within — just as animals do. This workshop plays with taking cues from the nature surrounding us to remind us of our own wild, inherently healing nature. No prior experience necessary.

10 spots available. please register to reserve your spot.

4 Experiential Online Workshops on FASCIA

Mondays July 8, 15, 22 & 29; 6-8pm PDT

Live Stream via Zoom + recordings available.

Come to Dance Camp NW this summer!

August 19-25 at Fort Flagler, Olympic Peninsula, WA

Dance Healing workshop: Wednesday, August 21; 9:45am

Coming from a yoga-based movement background into the Dance Healing space, I was seeking a breath-focused, meditative class where I could move my body from a place of attunement and presence. Hayley’s facilitation allowed for my nervous system to relax and down-regulate, my breath was able to full inhabit my body and be at peace. Hayley is a beautiful facilitator who expertly balances the need for nonverbal and verbal communication, choice, group vs. individual needs, and variety of embodiment tools. The accompanying music was deeply thoughtful and helped deepen my experience without being distracting. I highly recommend!
— Laura D

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