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Dance Healing activates embodied listening to invite movers into a more authentic connection with themselves and others. Through dance/movement, drawing, voice, and reflective practices, we allow the unseen to be seen, released + transformed so that we are able to embody more of our whole selves. Embodiment (or the ability to flow energy throughout our bodies) is a gateway to empowerment and liberation. By saying “yes” to what our bodies are asking for while witnessing our emotional and mental bodies and practicing non-judgement, we awaken our inner wisdom (intuition) and discover our inherent capacity to heal + liberate ourselves.

This practice will support you to:

  • enhance body awareness and connectivity

  • develop new healthy patterns for your body, heart, mind

  • harvest inner resources to inspire creativity and empowerment

  • cultivate self compassion and acceptance

Our motto’s:

* Connection, not perfection

* Where attention goes, energy flows

* We have to feel it heal it

No previous dance/movement experience required. Teens + adults of all physical abilities welcome!


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Fall Drop-in Workshops
3rd Saturdays: September - November

TIME: 2:30-5pm (doors open 2:15pm)
LOCATION: SHIFT Movement & Healing Arts (3517 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103). Wheelchair Accessible.
INVESTMENT: $20-30 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Dance Healing invites you to embody your authentic self through guided moving meditation, improvisation, witnessing and artful reflection. Adults + teens of all physical abilities and experiences welcome.

Dance is a gateway to our authentic selves when practiced with non-judgmental listening. When we allow ourselves to be where our bodies ask us to be, we automatically transform. Enter your embodied presence through guided meditation and movement fundamentals. Explore the elements of dance including shape, rhythm, muscle connectivity and breath as a bridge between our internal and external experience. Partner and group explorations deepen our discoveries in relationship to others. Artful reflective practices enhance self-discovery. Take home new self awareness and tools to reinvigorate your personal and artistic practices.

No prior dance experience required. Adaptable to people of all physical abilities.

- Wear layers of clothes that you are comfortable moving in
- Free parking available on the street
- Participants are encouraged to take care of your needs at all times including expressing your boundaries, resting, adapting etc.
- Art supplies provided; feel free to bring a journal

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Dancing Sound Series

Sundays 1- 4pm (doors 12:45pm)

Dates: 9/29, 10/27, 11/24, 12/22

Location: SH/FT Movement & Healing Arts (3517 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103). Wheelchair accessible.


$160-360 SERIES sliding scale (save $20)

$45-95 PER WORKSHOP sliding scale

*Scholarships available via online application.

Explore authentic movement & sounding to release tension & restore inner balance.


What is the voice in you that wants to be heard? In this series, movers will go on a sounding journey from our root to crown. Each workshop includes guided meditation, authentic sounding and movement improvisation that brings attention to a particular region of our spine. “Spinal tuning” is a technique that focuses vibration and sensation on our energy centers to help us move stuck energy and restore flow — much like tuning an instrument. Feeling is healing! As we restore flow along our spine, we automatically transform. Connection, not perfection is our intention as we explore making the sounds and movements our bodies are asking for. Adults + teens of all physical abilities and experiences welcome.

Workshop 1: 9/29 — Root & Gut

We begin at the bottom: our root. Discover breath-work to access more spaciousness in your diaphragm and wholeness in your sound. Notice how sound vibrates the matter of your spine, bringing sensation to your root (safety, belonging) and gut (intuition, digestion, sensuality).

Workshop 2: 10/27 — Solar Plexus & Heart

Our focuses rises to our mid-section where we access our personal power: the solar plexus (autonomy, confidence). We explore how sound can support setting boundaries and connecting to others with our heart (emotional center).

Workshop 3: 11/24 — Throat & Head

Our throat is our center for expression and speaking our truth. Discover tones to move the energy through your throat (voice) and connect your heart with your head (vision, imagination).

Workshop 4: 12/22 — Soul Self

Time to play! We explore along the spine using the practices learned so far to discover the tones and movements that resonate in the moment. We practice listening and allowing our bodies to be where they are, inviting our whole self to witness with childlike curiosity and compassion.

No prior experience necessary.

Folx of all physical abilities warmly welcomed.

Dancing sound was an incredible experience for me because it gave me a whole new toolkit to use in my healing practice. In resonating deeply with the places in my body that were craving a re-charge or a re-lease I was able to create vibrations that noticeably relieved pain and tension I was carrying around with me. I can’t wait to continue building upon this practice with Hayley - she is an amazing facilitator of sounding, making you feel comfortable and held to express authentically and unapologetically.
— Jasmmine Ramgotra
Coming from a yoga-based movement background into the Dance Healing space, I was seeking a breath-focused, meditative class where I could move my body from a place of attunement and presence. Hayley’s facilitation allowed for my nervous system to relax and down-regulate, my breath was able to full inhabit my body and be at peace. Hayley is a beautiful facilitator who expertly balances the need for nonverbal and verbal communication, choice, group vs. individual needs, and variety of embodiment tools. The accompanying music was deeply thoughtful and helped deepen my experience without being distracting. I highly recommend!
— Laura D

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