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Dance Healing invites the unseen to be seen, felt and processed so that we can enjoy our fullest power and light. Through embodied expressive movement, we practicing allowing ourselves to be where our body asks us to be. This process automatically begins a journey of internal transformation and re-alignment of our body-heart-mind. As we awaken our senses and greet what emerges, we practice allowing judgement to pass and re-sourcing our body-heart-mind for its innate wisdom and capacity to heal.

Dance Healing will support you to:

  • enhance body awareness and connectivity

  • develop new healthy patterns for your body, heart, mind

  • harvest resources from within to inspire your personal and artistic life

  • cultivate self compassion and acceptance

No previous dance experience is required. Folx of all physical abilities and backgrounds are warmly welcomed.

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Dance Healing Open Workshops on 1st & 2nd Sundays*

June 2 & 9: with live musical accompaniment by Devin Bews

*Offered through June. Stay tuned for summer/fall opportunities.

Time 12:30-2:30pm

Location Open Flight Studio: 4205 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

investment $20-30 sliding scale**

**No one turned away for lack of funds

About the workshop

Dance is a gateway to our authentic selves when practiced with non-judgmental listening. Movers are gently guided into their embodied presence through meditation, dance and expressive art therapy practices. Explore elements of dance — shape, rhythm, muscle connectivity and breath — as a mirror for how we relate to ourselves and the world. Partner work offers new ways of relating to yourself and others. Touch may be offered but is always an option. You are encouraged to honor and communicate your boundaries in this space. We practice reflecting in artful ways to deepen self-discovery. Folx of all physical abilities* and experiences are warmly welcomed. No prior dance experience required.

*ACCESS NOTE: Stairs necessary to access Open Flight Studio

D a n c i n g S o u n d

with Live Music by Devin Bews

DATE Sunday, May 26

TIME 1-3:30 PM (Doors open 12:45)


INVESTMENT $25-45 sliding scale*

*Scholarships available via online application.

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What is the voice in you that wants to be heard? In this workshop, movers explore releasing sound through guided breath, sounding and movement improvisation. Vibrations help restore balance within our body-heart-mind by bringing energy to parts of us that feel cut off, ignored or repressed. We will notice how various tones resonate in different parts of the body and facilitate new movement patterns. “Connection, not perfection” is our goal as we unlock stuck energy and connect authentically with ourselves and others. Practicing consent and boundaries is an integral part of the work. Folx of all bodies and backgrounds warmly welcomed.

SPACE IS LIMITED. Please register to reserve your spot.

The 2019 winter/spring Breath Movement Series is FULL.

Please join me for Open Workshops + sign up to receive updates about future workshops.

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Dance Healing: Breath Movement Series

With Live Music by Devin Bews

Dates 1/27, 2/24, 3/24, 4/28

Time 12:30-3:30pm

Location Open Flight Studio: 4205 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

investment: $160 - 360 sliding scale

*Scholarships available with online application. Deadline: Jan 18, 2019

LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE. please register to secure your spot.


Your breath is a powerful bridge to your presence. This workshop series moves through four stages of breath related to the stages of healing. Give yourself permission to be where the body calls you to be. We often avoid spaces within ourselves that need our loving attention due to old fear-based patterns that accumulate in our lives. These holding patterns may no longer serve us and often limit us from embracing our whole selves. Each workshop invites you to embody presence with non-judgement and develop your innate capacity for compassion and healing. Musician Devin Bews will create a live soundscape to support our journey.

Workshop 1 Jan 27 — “HOME” 
We will explore stage 1, finding “home," the space where you are most connected to your breath and where your body is asking you to be. 

Workshop 2 Feb 24 — "POLARITIES" 
In this stage, we practice acknowledging our differing rhythms of breath without analyzing or labeling them as "good" or "bad." By returning to sensation without judgement, we support our capacity to sit with challenging emotions and prepare to accept that they are also a part of us. 

Workshop 3 March 24 — “STUCK”
We will listen to tension within our breath and the body and let it guide an exploration of being stuck without trying to change or “fix” what we may consider as “wrong” or “bad.” By surrendering to the dynamics of where we are stuck, we can transcend attempts to control or subdue our process and prepare to move beyond patterns that no longer serve us.

Workshop 4 April 28 — "RECLAIM YOUR POWER"
Our breath is a bridge between "home" and "stuck" to invite increased flow through our body. By uniting parts of ourselves that feel disparate, we can reclaim a sense of ownership and deep knowing that we hold the keys for our healing.

NO PREVIOUS DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Workshops may be adaptable for people with physical disabilities. Please note that stairs are necessary to access studio.

Coming from a yoga-based movement background into the Dance Healing space, I was seeking a breath-focused, meditative class where I could move my body from a place of attunement and presence. Hayley’s facilitation allowed for my nervous system to relax and down-regulate, my breath was able to full inhabit my body and be at peace. Hayley is a beautiful facilitator who expertly balances the need for nonverbal and verbal communication, choice, group vs. individual needs, and variety of embodiment tools. The accompanying music was deeply thoughtful and helped deepen my experience without being distracting. I highly recommend!
— Laura D