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If you are feeling lost (be it creatively, emotionally, realize that certain parts of your body feel disconnected), try this class. It has been a long time since I’ve last felt connected throughout my whole body and still maintaining that connection with my heart/soul.
— Zsa Mae

Dance Healing is a dance/movement workshop designed to invite people of all physical bodies and movement backgrounds into a deeper connection to themselves and others. Using inherent healing elements of dance with dance/movement therapy and embodied consciousness techniques, you will be guided into movement explorations to re-align the body-heart-mind + re-awaken your body's natural feedback system to heal. No prior dance/movement experience necessary. Bring an appetite for exploring the unknown and connecting to your true self. Through practicing mindful movement, we will practice non-judgement and allow space for the wisdom of the body-heart-mind to be heard.


Stay tuned for more open Dance Healing workshops!

If you are interested in dropping in for the Dance Healing: Winter Series, e-mail Hayley to see if there are spots available.

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Dance Healing: Winter Series

Time 1-4pm 

Dates Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 7, Feb 11

Location Soma Yoga: 1423 NW 70th Street, Seattle, WA

Cost Sliding scale $60-80 series* / $20 drop-in

*financial assistance available upon request

e-mail hayley to inquire about drop-in spots available.

In this series, we will focus on the power of reconnecting to your true self through breath. We often skip over places that need attention in an effort to protect ourselves. These holding patterns may no longer serve us and often restrict us from embracing our whole selves. Each workshop invites you to embody presence with non-judgement and develop your innate capacity for compassion and healing.

We will work with stages 1-3 of breathing related to the 12 stages of healing (Donald M. Epstein). In addition, we will develop and explore the LivingDance (Dr. Danielle Fraenkel) elements of muscle connectivity, shape and rhythm as tools for well-being and self-discovery. You are encouraged to bring tools home to cultivate grounding and harmony in every-day life and to inspire your personal and artistic practices.


Sunday, Nov 12, 2017: Stage 1 - “Home”

w/ live accompaniment by musician devin bews 

A powerful vessel for awareness, breath reveals exactly where the body wants you to be. This workshop introduces stage 1 breathing by finding “home" - the space where you are most connected to your breath. We will explore expanding movement from this connection while attuning to sensation with non-judgement.


Sunday, Dec 10, 2017: Stage 2 - "DUALITIES" and "stuck"

We cannot evolve if we do not allow ourselves to sense what is present. In this workshop, we will listen to tension (or lack of flow) within our breath and the body and let it guide an exploration of being stuck without trying to change or “fix” what we may consider as “wrong” or “bad.” By dissolving judgement and giving ourselves the space to say “yes” to being where we are, we can discover new awareness and release.


Sunday, Jan 7, 2018: Stage 3 - “Integration”

This workshop uses breath-work to build a bridge between our “home” and our “stuck” centers, inviting movement to spaces that can benefit from increased flow and sensation. Perhaps your heart (emotional-center), your solar plexus (power-center), or your low belly (intuitive-center) can open to a more fluid connection to other centers, bringing you into a more integrated version of the beautiful person you already are.


Sunday, Feb 11, 2018: Culminating Workshop “Power and Balance”

Where does “no” and where does “yes” resonate within our bodies, hearts, minds? How do we sense and express our personal boundaries? In this workshop we will integrate our discoveries through breath-work and elements of dance to explore our personal authority and what it means to balance power with our other natures including intuition and humor.


helpful notes:

• Free street parking available.

• Inclusive to movers of all levels and backgrounds. Space is ADA accessible.

• Movement adaptation is encouraged whenever needed or desired (i.e. using a chair instead of standing).

• Everything in class is an invitation and you always have the power to say "no" without explanation to yourself or others. Respecting your boundaries with compassion is key and often inspires those around you to do the same.



12 Stages of Healing: A Network Approach to Wholeness by Donald M. Epstein (1994)

LivingDance~LivingMusic alt-r D/MT program - Dr. Danielle Fraenkel


Questions? E-mail Hayley at

Photo credit Abbey Moore

Photo credit Abbey Moore

Dance Healing at Celebrating the Sangha with live accompaniment by Kai Ariel and Aria Storm.

Saturday, November 11


FREE + open to people of all abilities and backgrounds

This unique Dance Healing class is a part of Northwest Dharma Association's day-long celebration of the sangha from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Nalanda West.

Sangha means "community." The essence of a sangha is awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love, which is the root of what we practice in Dance Healing. Come gather with humans of all walks of life in a celebration of our commonalities through the universal language of movement. Class will include a guided meditation, movement warm-up, guided improvisations and witnessing.

See the full schedule of events here.

dance healing october with pepper

Dance Healing Oct 1 with live accompaniment by Pepper Proud.

16 spots available. Please e-mail to reserve your spot.

Musician Pepper Proud will share her gift of music as a witness and participant as we use dance/movement therapy and embodied consciousness tools to connect authentically to ourselves and others.

Music + dance have had an intimate relationship since their ancient beginnings. In this workshop, we will practice listening to the natural vibrations of our body-heart-mind while relating to others and the vibration of sound in the space. Witnessing ourselves and others is a key part of this work, meaning that we notice our own sensations without judgement. 

If your body could speak, what would it say? This workshop invites you to listen. Depart with new awareness/tools to re-invigorate your personal/creative practice and bring more grounding + harmony to life.

Inclusive to people of all movement backgrounds and experiences. PLEASE NOTE: there are stairs necessary to get to the studio.

For me, dance healing was a soft, powerful and awakening journey into a more authentic version of myself. Hayley led us through a series of exercises that made me feel grounded and open to connect with others. The arc of her class supports exploration and honest acknowledgment of what is emerging in every moment. She taps into the sacred community that movement can create and the class is magic.
— Liv Fauver