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Dance Healing integrates dance, meditation & dance/movement therapy tools to co-create a unique space for people of all experiences and abilities to embody our authentic selves.

The journey of self discovery begins with listening to where your body asks you to be and moving into what arises. The practice is to listen and let go of judgement again and again, inviting a natural re-alignment with our body-heart-mind.

When we move into our presence, we automatically transform.You will be guided through meditation, movement fundamentals, improvisations and reflective practices that invoke your inherent body wisdom.

Take away new self awareness and tools to bring inspiration and grounding to your every day life.

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You are a resilient and creative creature. In this outdoor series, we will attune to our body wisdom and explore our intimate connection with nature. By integrating embodied consciousness with dance and dance/movement therapy techniques, we will practice listening to what emerges within ourselves without judgement. By moving our presence with mindfulness and creativity we can integrate the lessons our body has to show us. Restore your connection to your authentic self and bring home tools to continue your path with new awareness and support.


. . . Sunday, June 17 — Balance

Within nature there is inherently chaos. We often avoid chaos in an attempt to control what we know. By gently surrendering into spaces unknown, we may explore gently moving into the energy of chaos and restoring a more authentic sense of balance.


. . . Sunday, July 15 — Boundaries

By practicing being at home in ourselves, we can feel when we leave our home or disconnect from our bodies. This workshop explores elements of breath and shape to sense our energetic and body boundaries. With this awareness we gain agency to choose when we want to let things or energies wash through us, or when it serves us to have a clear boundary.


. . . Sunday, August 12 — Bounty

How is your body and life abundant? This is a season to enjoy the fruits of our harvest and en-joy being. By gently listening to spaces that do not feel seen in our bodies, we will invite new patterns of awareness and explore moving with our wholeness. Where attention goes, energy flows, and we can invite more positive energy to your being and path.



  • Enter the park on NW Carkeek Park Rd.
  • Follow the one-way to the Salmon Slide - Carkeek Park Playground.
  • You may park here or continue on the road past the beach and turn right on the road before the picnic tables by Piper's Creek. This road takes you right to the parking lot at Model Airplane Field.
  • If you park by the playground/beach, continue South past the beach overpass onto Piper's Creek Trail along the railroad tracks. This trail will lead quickly into Model Airplane Field on your left.


Helpful Notes

  • People of all physical abilities and experiences warmly welcomed.
  • Everything in Dance Healing is an invitation and you are welcome to opt in/out at your own comfort.
  • Free Parking available.
  • Interested in carpooling? Let me know or post in the Facebook Event.


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Dance Healing is going to Dance Camp Northwest!

August 19-26* | Fort flagler, Wa: directions

Now in our sixth year, Dance Camp Northwest is creatively based on the hugely successful Dance New England which began 40 years ago to birth and nurture the ecstatic, free, and barefoot dances peppering the planet today. We join the movement toward creating dance camps to serve, deepen and evolve humanity by interweaving our tribal roots into one earth community.

*Dance Healing is on Sunday, August 26 2:30 - 4:30pm

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If you are feeling lost (be it creatively, emotionally, realize that certain parts of your body feel disconnected), try this class. It has been a long time since I’ve last felt connected throughout my whole body and still maintaining that connection with my heart/soul.
— Zsa M
For me, dance healing was a soft, powerful and awakening journey into a more authentic version of myself. Hayley led us through a series of exercises that made me feel grounded and open to connect with others. The arc of her class supports exploration and honest acknowledgment of what is emerging in every moment. She taps into the sacred community that movement can create and the class is magic.
— Liv F
A gentle release from expectation, Hayley Shannon invites you to move in Open Dance Healing. This space creates the safety and support our contemporary selves crave, giving us time to integrate the experiences of body and spirit. Hayley’s guidance and use of imagery offers love to duality, practice to chaos, and allows acceptance to coexist with disagreement. Wherever you are in your journey, Hayley’s class is an opportunity to recuperate and honor your whole self.
— Alex N
You create a safe space for meditation, moving, and healing it’s important.
— Chris W
Hayley creates a safe and trusting environment for moving and expressing the emotions that arise during the dance. I had been a dancer for many years when I was much younger, and my ability to express myself through movement was stuck. Her gentle voice and approach allowed me to get beyond my fear and actually feel joy in my body and with others, through awareness and acceptance.
— Dance Healing Series Participant
Coming from a yoga-based movement background into the Dance Healing space, I was seeking a breath-focused, meditative class where I could move my body from a place of attunement and presence. Hayley’s facilitation allowed for my nervous system to relax and down-regulate, my breath was able to full inhabit my body and be at peace. Hayley is a beautiful facilitator who expertly balances the need for nonverbal and verbal communication, choice, group vs. individual needs, and variety of embodiment tools. The accompanying music was deeply thoughtful and helped deepen my experience without being distracting. I highly recommend!
— Laura D
There were deeply held patterns and emotions in my body that I have not previously accessed through talk or touch therapies, but was finally able to release through Dance Healing movement therapy. Thank you for your presence and sharing your gifts.
— Dance Healing Series Participant
Amazed at the power and depth of emotion I experienced....It was a wonderful release to be able to express the pain and anguish that has been bottled up inside me. All my life, I have yearned to be able to express myself artistically and have been spectacularly unable to do so….I feel better for having expressed myself to that depth. Thanks for creating a safe place where we can get in touch with our authentic selves!
— Tim T
Hayley`s voice is a balm for every body and soul. Her instructions will invite you to explore your physical and emotional state of being, and then guide you to answer its call through meditation and gentle movement with yourself and your partners in space. Hayley`s workshop is a treat for movers of all dancing levels, age and experience. You will become united as one synchronized flowing energy where self-acceptance bonds you together. 
— Ana-Maria G