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I am an artist who believes every person has the the birth right to experience dance as a healing art form. Dance has been a part of humanity since the ancients responded to environmental rhythms within and around their bodies, which reflected the cycles in our natural world. This process allows humans to organically restore balance and connect to their deep self, cultivating a sense of belonging and compassion.

Today, we often restrict ourselves from the movements, sounds and community that may support us to release toxic energy and heal. When we allow ourselves to move beyond judgement and explore our authentic presence, our bodies naturally move towards health. I believe witnessing ourselves and others in this process can empower individuals and unite humanity.

For me, healing experiences through dance and expressive arts have transformed my life by allowing me to contact parts of myself who feel alienated, give them a space to be heard, and slowly learn to accept and integrate them. With each journey inward, I am able to live more authentically outward. I am empowered to share my discoveries using dance as a gateway to empowerment and healing.

Interested? Drop-in to a workshop or contact me to learn about private and semi-private sessions.

I feel so grateful to have met Hayley and come into practice with her in these dance healing workshops. I cannot emphasize how true the healing is to the experience. She holds space and guides dancers through it in a way that is respectful of where each person is currently at. She invites folx to be present and work with whatever is coming up for them. And she invites us to stretch as well—stretch into spaces of learning and growth, getting perhaps uncomfortable, but also feeling safe and cared for. These workshops have the power to open up a lot for you, or a little, depending on where you’re at when you walk through the door and where you hope to go. Come as you are and see what moves you!
— Emily Wright