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No room for shame here

exploring relationship between self, ego and lineage when moving through stuck aspects of our being.

Premiered April 2018 in Full Tilt Dance Festival at Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA

Dancers: Maclean Dennis, Viana Daven, Elliauna Madsen, Fumi Murakami, Amanda Ostrove, Prasti Purdum, Caroline Reis, Constanze Villines

Choreography: Hayley Shannon and Dancers

Music: Human Range, Nils Frahm and Organed, Kiasmos, edited by Devin Bews; Wind by The Flashbulb

Lighting Design: Meg Fox


Sparks of Emptiness

investigating fear of loneliness and intimacy through the window of our personal attachments.

Premiered April 2017 in Converge Dance Festival at Erickson Theatre Off Broadway, Seattle, WA.

Choreography: Hayley Shannon and Dancers

Dancers: Tyisha Nedd, Eric Rapinchuk, Breanne Schuster, Elizabeth Sugawara, Sonam Tshedzom Tingkhye

Lighting Design: Caleb Ruppert

Shannon’s performers dance with compelling gestures that gradually build into full bodied phrases interspersed with highly detailed movement. The specificity of action, along with rhythmic sense and expressive performance felt like a thoughtful investigation of memory or personal story.
— Kaitlyn McCarthy, Seattle Dances

Photo credit Tim Summers

Photo credit Tim Summers

She who walks in shadow walks in light

examining the un-learning of self narratives as an expression of personal and ancestral healing.

Premiered December 2016 in NextFest NW Festival at Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA

Choreography: Hayley Shannon and Dancers

Live Music: Devin Bews

Dancers: Emily Durand, Cameo Lethem, Hayley Shannon

Lighting Design: Kyle Soble

Shannon’s trio clearly has a futuristic vibe. Set to a metallic aural landscape performed by Devin Bews, Shannon’s snaking spine navigates her through a world of slithering robotic creatures.
— Kaitlyn McCarthy, City Arts